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Petek Kent has been a stay-at-home mother since her child was born. The world is their classroom to explore and they love going on outdoor adventures together. She is proud to be the mother of a cheerful, friendly, social, intelligent, creative, curious, kind and healthy tween. Petek has had the time of her life being a mom, as well as writing reviews and taking photographs of the best activities for families. She has been focusing on writing, research and illustration projects, including a children's picture book and she continues with her art photography. She received great support from her teachers to pursue her creative talents. Petek earned A's at Stanford Continuing Studies for creative writing and School of Visual Arts for fine art photography and art history (over a dozen courses with a 3.8 cumulative GPA). She also took design courses at Pratt and drawing/sculpture/painting courses at Parsons.

Prior to becoming a mom, Petek Kent was a detail-oriented Director of Internet Development, Executive Web Producer and Senior Web Manager for academia and media companies. A former PMP certified Project Manager, she was motivated by the need for closure and driven to meet deadlines, while producing quality work within budget. She started her career as an Assistant Vice President of Operations at a training center and then worked as a Network Administrator for the Research and Investment Banking divisions of a Fortune 1000 company. Later, she gained experience working with creative and technical teams for web development.

Petek attended Baruch College on a full scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1992 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems (with a 3.9 Major GPA). Half of the degree was liberal arts and her minor consisted of psychology courses. She worked for two years at a psychological research and testing firm. She wrote for the college newspaper. After graduation, she was accepted into top-tier law schools (and offered a partial scholarship for a law school in New York), but she chose not to pursue that route. Instead, she plunged into the IT workforce, combining her technical and administrative skills. She later took many professional continuing education courses...she earned a project management certificate from New York University (with a perfect 4.0 Cumulative GPA), became a Novell Certified NetWare Engineer and advanced her digital skills in photo editing, graphic design, multimedia, coding/editing of raw HTML, and quality assurance testing of web sites and software.

During her childhood, Petek won photography and essay contests in school. Petek was drawn to all forms of visual expression. She created many collages, scissors always in hand - no book or magazine was safe. In elementary school, in Hell's Kitchen, Petek was one of a select group of children who were chosen to paint a mural for The Electric Company magazine, an offshoot of the well-known PBS show. Petek chose to paint her hero, Wonder Woman. (Photo shown: Tween Petek, hanging upside down on the monkey bars in Central Park, wearing the outfit that was given to the group for a magazine photo earlier that day.) Petek attended Edward R. Murrow High School, where she was accepted into the Biology Research Program and the prestigious Murrow Med Program. She was co-editor for the school Literary Magazine and was on the staff for three years. Her prose and poetry were published in almanacs. She took almost every college level course offered at her high school, in subjects ranging from science to literature to computers. She was a member of the French Honor Society, played chess with fellow classmates, babysat her teacher's two young kids for two years, played clarinet in the band, participated in dance showcases, decorated art displays, used interior design skills and worked on an ice cream truck. She graduated with honors.

Athleticism is in Petek's blood (two of her relatives, one male and one female, were both professional soccer players in Turkey). Petek enjoyed vigorous activities such as racquet sports; in high school she was one of the top paddleball players, often the only female playing with the guys in singles and doubles. For the last few years, she mainly hikes outdoors with her child.

Petek was born in Istanbul, Turkey (she is 3/4 Turkish and 1/4 Russian). The family relocated to New York City when Petek was four. While living in the building across from Carnegie Hall, the young Petek received a wonderful gift from an elderly couple who were concert pianists...they taught her how to play the piano. Since then, she has loved classical music (especially Bach's chamber music).

Petek's father was a working actor in Turkey. In America, he continued to indulge artistic pursuits (photography, painting, illustration) as well as technical interests (building computers, taking classes in physics and engineering). Petek's beautiful mother made her living as a theater actress in Turkey and was nearly finished with fashion design school when they decided to move the family to America...to provide the children with greater opportunities.

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